At Alliance Family Wealth, we want you to reach the goals that matter to you. With an Alliance Family Wealth account from Ignition Wealth you pay very low fees and no commission. We make no profit on brokerage fees, passing on only the online broker’s minimal fee (the higher of $11 or 0.05 percent of the trade value), meaning that while we give you daily updates on your portfolio and the opportunity to rebalance 24 hours a day, we have no incentive to encourage unnecessary trades, again saving you money. Your savings can grow faster as they are not being depleted by unnecessary costs.

When you need extra advice, Ignition Weaths’ team of financial advisers are here to help. You can contact their Advice Centre by telephone (02 8916 6159) and email to . Don’t worry, this won’t incur high fees either, you just book advice as and when you require it and pay as you go. (For details of advice costs please see our Financial Services Guide.)

Once you have registered with Ignition Direct (and before you have funded your account), you will have access to our Learning Centre which is full of information from financial experts. This helps you to grow your financial knowledge as you grow your wealth.

Historical data shows us that long term, which means for a period of seven years or more, investing in a diversified portfolio, has produced higher returns than keeping savings in cash in the bank. You’re on the way to your goals.