Many self-directed investors have highly undiversified portfolios with the majority of their assets held in cash, property and a limited selection of blue chip stocks. This is despite the rules and intention of the 1993 Superannuation Industry Supervision (SIS) Act to consider the fund’s investment diversity and the asset mix in which they invest.

Alliance Family Wealth provides a range of six highly diversified, independently researched investment portfolios to SMSFs made up of liquid index tracking ETFs across equities, bonds and property asset classes. See the SMSF Portfolios here.

Each SMSF must invest a minimum of $25,000 but there is no maximum. You, the SMSF Trustee, complete an online risk analysis, providing the fund’s own information and detailing the Trustees’ appetite for risk. The appetite for risk and the completed fact-find will determine which one of six portfolios accurately matches the fund’s tolerance for risk. The fund’s chosen portfolio will include a breakdown of the asset allocation. It remains the responsibility of the Trustees to make sure that the chosen portfolio is in alignment with your SMSF’s investment strategy.