Get Started in Four Days

Make a start on your financial journey in as little as four days.

You’re in Control

You’re in control through every stage of your journey with Alliance Family Wealth.

You begin by completing an online ‘fact find’ and ‘risk profile’ which involves providing some personal information and answering some questions about your appetite for risk. When this fact-find has been validated you can choose a self-paced investment plan or a comprehensive advice essentials program supported by your personal advice coach.

If you choose a self-paced investment plan you are recommended one of 11 portfolios, customised to accurately match your tolerance for risk. The recommendation will include a breakdown of the asset allocation. At this point you can choose to accept the recommended portfolio or to view the other portfolios and make your own choice. Remember, you’re in control!

Once you have chosen and accepted a diversified portfolio, we help you to set up a Cash Management Account (CMA) with Macquarie Bank and an online brokerage account with OpenMarkets. All your investments are kept in your name, using your personal HIN (Holder Identification Number).

24/7 Monitoring

Once you have funded your account, you have 24 hour access to your portfolio’s performance via your mobile, tablet or online, allowing you to monitor and control your investment. Your portfolio’s last closing price is updated nightly at approximately 10pm AEST. You can opt to receive notifications (mobile and desktop) about your portfolio’s performance and you can choose to rebalance at anytime.

You even choose how much contact we have with you; you will be notified whenever your portfolio moves by a percentage you choose. Want to know about the smallest fluctuation? Choose the lowest setting. Happy to set and forget? Dial the settings back to a higher percentage and receive less messages.

In Your Name

If you choose to leave Alliance Family Wealth in the future we make that easy too. There are no penalties, no time delays, no fees. (If you choose to liquidate your assets there may be brokerage costs.) Notify us that you would like to leave Alliance Family Wealth and your action request will be actioned within one business day, making sure you remain completely in control until your journey with us is complete. All of our investments have high liquidity; Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) investments will be available as cash in your CMA account within five working days of the sell instructions, cash from your CMA is available on the same day by electronic funds transfer and BPay.