Your risk profile will be matched against one of 11 portfolios, based on the amount of funds you have to invest and your appetite for risk. The model portfolios range from Secure, being cash only, to High Growth, consisting of global and Australian equities, property, market-specific and small companies funds.

The Alliance Family Wealth portfolios are created by leading financial research house, Lonsec, overseen by our Investment Committee with assistance from cutting-edge research from UNSW.

See details of each portfolio for Kickstarter portfolios ($5,000 to $25,000), Horizon portfolios (above $25,000) and Self-Managed Superannuation Fund portfolios.


Alliance Family Wealth makes it easy for you to invest in a highly diversified portfolio across cash, property and the investment markets.Alliance Family Wealth provides this diversity at a low cost by investing a core component of your funds in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). ETFs are listed securities which in turn invest in hundreds of underlying stocks and other assets, typically tracking an index. ETFs have soared in popularity in the past few years with The Australian stating in January 2016 that the ETF market value has already reached $21 billion.


We source our ETFs from four of the world’s top investment management companies: Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street and BetaShares. We selected these four houses based on a criteria of minimal volatility, their team and ETF liquidity.

Your portfolio has been created by an experienced and well-advised investment committee and will be made up of highly diversified assets.